Microcopy: Little Things Matter The Most

Great things come in small packages, they say, and your website copy is no exception.

Well-executed ‘microcopy’, as it’s called, is the modern content marketer’s embodiment of David (your words) versus Goliath (the safely guarded behavior of your potential customers), battling it out right on your webpage.



But what is microcopy?

Have you ever noticed the smallest fragments of text that are inconspicuously embedded into the main content of a website?

Things like short, encouraging phrases in opt-in forms, cleverly crafted thank you messages after a successful action, or even a witty 404 error message? The copywriter’s details, these carefully written messages live between the lines with the express purpose of influencing readers.

And don’t let the small size throw you off; even though these bits of text may look like tiny droplets in the content ocean, their conversion power is so dense and concentrated that often become worth more than the entire page they’re on.



What it lacks in size, it requires in craftsmanship

To a newcomer, throwing some catchy phrases here and there throughout the content may sound like an easy task, but writing perfect microcopy is a rather daunting challenge.

Microcopy creates the illusion that there’s a real human behind the page, someone to take care of your needs, dispel your confusion and guide you to the end of the road.



If you want to generate leads & conversions, microcopy is your ally

Microcopy is inextricably bound with the user experience. It enables users to have a seamless and intuitive interaction with your website. A small tweak in the right place can affect and even completely change the tone of the whole page – that’s powerful!

It only takes a couple of quirky and spiffy copy snippets to bring corporate B2B prose into the realm of warm and relatable, or – moving in the other direction – to put more authority and weight behind content that would otherwise feel more casual.



How to harness the power of microcopy to your advantage

Microcopy shapes and defines the UX of your website.

A great 404 page can transform a problem into bonus points for your brand image.

The right word on an opt-in form can be the difference between its success and failure.


Just one line of text will provide the reassurance the user needs to finalize their registration.

The right call-to-action can lead to selling out, rather than shuttering the doors.

microcopy 3

By changing the CTA microcopy, this website experienced a 31.54% conversion rate increase

Utilize intentional fractions of text wisely to eliminate uncertainty and provide reassurance in key flow points of your website.

Sparing and intentional implementation of microcopy that accurately reflects the brand voice you want to portray – and the emotions you wish a reader to feel – is a nuanced tool that copywriters spend a lifetime perfecting.

microcopy 4

Once they do, however, it’s the definition of marketing magic.

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