Don’t you find yourself doing some actions over and over again every day that take up valuable time?

Chrome extensions can make one’s life much easier and much more comfortable. You can save up a lot of time by using certain browser extensions.

So what are the best chrome extensions for the internet casual user?

I’d love to share some of the extensions I use with you; hopefully, you will love them too.

They are not only available for Chrome, but Mozilla and Safari as well.  Hopefully, they will become available for Microsoft’s Windows 10, Edge soon.

I would be delighted to hear your suggestions as well as a comment at the end of the article.





Maybe lots of SEOs and marketers will bash me, but unfortunately the internet has become a place that is full of annoying ads which manage to make browsing an unbearable experience. No user has to put up with that. Fortunately there is adblock which is a life saver. With AdBlock, most ads aren’t even downloaded at all. So you can focus on enjoying the content you want, and spend less time waiting for it. Also adblock, recently won a legal fight in court which established its position even more.




The buffer extension lets you share anything you see in your browser, whether that’s a post, a whole website, an image, a video, a GIF to your social media profiles that you have previously connected. Furthermore it allows you to schedule your posts, set weekly schedule and track the clicks that are made on each post. It is undoubtedly an amazing tool that will make your social media publishing much easier.


Pinterest Button


Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media platforms out there. More and more people use it every day, whether that’s for fun or business. The pin it button will allow you to pin any image from the web fast and easy to your boards. A popup window will appear and you can choose to which board you want to pin the selected image, as well as add a description and relevant tags.



pocket extension

With pocket you can save any article, any blog post, website to read it later at you own comfort. There is tons and tons of information an new material out there every day. It’s absolutely impossible to read everything when you stumble upon it. With pocket you can save any page and add tags to it for later read.



Wunderlist 1


Wunderlist is a great and simple yet effective tasks list extension. You can create categories and tasks within them. Furthermore you can add reminders and alarms for each task. This way you can organize and be more effective throughout your everyday life.


Instagram (Chrome)


As you know instagram prefers mobile devices, but with this extension you can make it much more manageable in a desktop environment. You can browse your feed and friends, like and comment on photos as well as receive notifications and apply filters. It supports full navigation throughout the app.


Social Fixer for Facebook

social fixer facebook

Facebook is the number #1 social platform. With social fixer you can make the facebook experience better and customized to your personal preferences. You can filter the news feed posts according to tags, friends or author, organize your feeds into tabs and categories, view full pictures by hovering over a thumbnail and much more.

Google Drive


Google drive is one of the most popular cloud services out there. With google drive extension you can access your files from everywhere around the web, share them with anyone and edit them in real time.

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