Feedback, Surveys and User Testimonials

Wherever you look, whatever you read (hell even here on this blog), you’ll always read and hear things like: “Content is king”, “You have to create valuable content”, “you have to create value for your audience/customers” and so on.

That’s all good and true but it’s half the equation; actually I wouldn’t dare say half, it’s less than that and let me explain why.

“Create and share valuable content for your audience”: how do you know what’s of value to your audience? How do you know what they need, what they want to hear? How can you be certain that the article you are writing and getting ready to publish will resonate with your audience, be helpful to them and an interesting read?

Before I’ll answer that let me state that we can never be 100% certain that the next piece of content we throw out there will be of any use to anyone, BUT we sure can minimize the margin of irrelevance and uselessness through: researchsurveys and user feedback.


The Modern Consumer

Forget all about the consumer of old, the one who got fed ads during prime time TV and radio. That consumer doesn’t exist.

There is a new, evolved and improved version. The modern consumer is smart, fast, tech savvy, active and wants to be heard!

People want to be part of the brand, they want to be considered important and now due to the technology advancements, the consumer has the power not the other way around.

Every person with a smartphone at hand has the power to make or break a brand.

Social media, blogs, websites, forums, online communities…these are some of the channels any of us can use to speak our voice, state our opinions on brands, products and services.

Businesses never held their audience higher than today. It’s the ultimate judgement for all brands.

Every bad or good experience between a person and a brand has the potential to become live to everyone, be published and exist eternally on the web. Internet is the absolute democracy of things and this is where it shines.

No one can stop a user from expressing their opinion and describing their experiences. And don’t forget, this will be permanently available to anyone as if it’s written in stone.

So, brands are aware of this situation and respect and fear the all powerful consumer, that’s why they spend a significant amount of money and time into researching what their audience wants.

And we should do the same.

User feedback is a paramount aspect of any successful user interacting business.

So in order for me to stop blubbering, let’s proceed to how you can create surveys fast and easy with a little tool called Responster.



As I was looking for a great and easy to use survey tool for my website, I stumbled upon Responster after the recommendation of Brandon who is the Chief Customer Happiness Wizard over at the Responster team.

“Surveys made easy” is one of their taglines, and boy oh boy did they manage to truly elevate the creation of any survey into an enjoyable, fast and easy experience even for the non tech-savvy people out there.

In less than 1 minute you can have your survey up and running ready to go live on your website.

Let me take you through every step I took to create a simple survey about the user’s experience after reading an article on this blog.

By visiting their homepage, you can easily register within a few seconds:


how to create a survey


how to create a survey responster


After confirming your email, you’ll end up here at your dashboard where you can create your first survey:

how to create a survey


Let’s start by clicking “Create new Survey”. At the next screen you are prompted to enter a title, a description and select the survey language through the dropdown list:

how to create a survey


Then you can click “Create your new survey” to proceed to the next step. There are four main elements at the top of the screen: “Start Page”, “Question”, “Summary Screen” and “End Page”.

You can drag and drop any of the aforementioned elements into the main body of the page to construct your own survey the way you want. Note that the “Summary Screen” element is available only in the Plus (paid) version:

how to create a survey


You should obviously start with a “Start Page” element. Drag and drop it in the main body and you get a result like this:

how to create a survey


At the first field you can upload your own logo for branding purposes (as you can see, I have upload my new awesome logo, yay me!).

Enter a CTA title and a short description referring to the contents of your survey. The user should know what to expect, what the survey is about.

Are you running a survey about the whole website? A certain part of it? Maybe a new feature you recently added? Let your users know.

At the next step you should start stacking up your questions:

how to create a survey


As you can see, there is a great pool of options here. I opted for four questions in total with a combination of: “Smileys”, “Thumbs”, “Multiple Choice” and “Long Text”.

Obviously you should select the options you think are suitable for the questions you want to ask.

My first question was a “Multiple Choice” one:

how to create a survey


The second one was a “Smileys” one:


how to create a survey

Admit it, that looks awesome doesn’t it? You can change the number of the smileys through the green wrench icon at the top right of the page.

The next question is a “Thumbs” one:

how to create a survey


For the last question I opted for a “Long Text” so that the users may write their ideas however they want. Since it’s a writing question, I opted for the question not to be mandatory for the successful completion of the survey.

Again you can change this feature through the green wrench icon at the top right:

how to create a survey


For the last part of your survey you should include a thank you note through the “End Page” element:

how to create a survey 12


As a cherry on top you can add a background to your survey simply by selecting one of the available ones or uploading your own:

how to create a survey 14


Doesn’t it look amazing?

After everything is set and done, it’s time to share your survey or embed it on your website.

Responster offers some neat features like social media integration, embed options and direct weblinks:

how to create a survey



So, with Responster I managed to create a survey fast, easy without the need to read some online manual or watch an instructional video (which unfortunately I can’t really put myself ever…).

The result is amazing, beautiful and the whole experience is well constructed and thought of.

Certainly the Responster team must have made some in depth QA and UX testing.

I wonder how…. (hint: read this article).

I can’t recommend Responster enough. Use their application for your business and utilize the collected feedback to improve your services and products.

Would you care to to take my survey?

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