This is the first and introductory page of a promotional booklet for Parking Awareness Services. The founder asked me that there should be a personal element to the story and that the company’s goals should be underlined.

The first page of the booklet consists of 5 paragraphs and a closing statement.

In the first paragraph, in the very first phrase both the company’s name and it’s core goals are declared, thus saving valuable copy space and getting two important things out of the way from the very beginning.

The mention of the Freedoms Act of 2012 is a paramount piece of information that was given to me by the founder and it had to be mentioned since it signifies how and why this business came to be.

The paragraph closes with a statement regarding the problem at hand, the problem that Parking Awareness Services is here to solve.

The second paragraph binds the company’s sole purpose of existence with the pain alleviation of its customers. Their scope of business, their goal is to alleviate the road users of all the unnecessary road rage caused be illegal & irregular parking.

The first couple of sentences are devoted to the problem the people are facing and the last two sentences are there to establish the company’s authority and trust. By mentioning that the founder collaborates with industry specialists and utilizes innovative technologies, trust is being built. While writing in the first person is against copy etiquette most of the times, here it is used upon the client’s specific request.

The third paragraph mentions three important pieces of information that consist the methodology and the innovative technologies used by Parking Awareness Services, thus backing up the previous statement regarding the innovative technologies and at the same time offering some more practical info regarding the service/product features. The closing phrase binds the product’s features with the critical benefits for the user. As we all know, features have zero value, it’s the benefits for the end user that matter.

The fourth paragraph functions as a pillar of trust and confidence in their services. The statement about the five years of constant activity implies that the company and its services are well-received and there is a steady rise in the product’s popularity and use. It creates a concrete element of trust and empowers the reader’s confidence in Parking Awareness’ course of action.

The fifth paragraph opens with a quote/CTA which compresses everything that is written by now and even more in a single phrase. This phrase allows the reader to subconsciously recap what they have read and make them passionate about the company’s business statement. After all, who doesn’ hate irregular parking that causes road rage?

The final phrase isn’t written by me, rather by the founder himself as a proper closing statement and wish.

You can find the whole booklet here.

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