SEO Campaign | Organic Traffic Increase by 55%

The client was a smaller family-owned retail business in a competitive niche with some very established and large international competitors that had multiple times their budget to invest in all things marketing, from PPC to out of home advertising.

The objective was to increase visibility for a certain group of highly important keywords, for some of which they already ranked and for some of which they didn’t, and achieve a positive ROI.

I started with a full technical SEO audit to identify any potential issues with the website that could hinder its performance. The client had recently implemented an SSL certificate and not all redirects were done appropriately. After fixing this issue alongside some others, less critical ones, I’ve performed a content audit to identify any missed opportunities and assess the quality and range of the content of the main competitors.

The content audit yielded some great results and we came up with a content calendar for the entire year – targeting some very competitive keywords and creating content that would focus on low hanging fruit as there were several gaps for valuable user queries that their competitors hadn’t managed to answer effectively.

After the content plan implementation, we managed to reach the first page of the search results for multiple content pieces and for three of them, even #1!

The content plan also included the refinement and update of the existing PDPs to improve UX and drive more conversions while further increasing visibility.

At the end of the year, organic traffic increased by 54.55%, pageviews by 55.80% and there was a whopping 71% revenue increase!


Furthermore, the successful implementation of the onsite and offsite strategy yielded excellent results with keywords experiencing a healthy growth in their rankings — the ranking average skyrocketed from ~40 to ~23 within 4 months:

seo campaign results 1

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