SEO Campaign | Organic Traffic Increase from 2,500 to 15,000

The client had a number of fairly new websites that were receiving a low amount of organic traffic without any significant positive growth. They were looking for a results-focused SEO campaign that would increase organic traffic, visibility for a wider range of keywords and ultimately drive sales.

As the niche of the client was within tech, there were several more established competitors in the market and a new website is always hard to rank against high domain authority competitors.

I started with a technical SEO audit to identify ‘low hanging fruit’ on page fixes that we could immediately implement and give a quick SERPs boost while prioritising the remaining improvements based on importance.

Working through the backlog of onsite fixes, I performed a content audit to identify content gaps, keyword opportunities and assess the market and competitor situation. From the content audit, it was clear that the websites had poor and thin copy, not targeting relevant and needed keywords which made it almost impossible for them to earn a position on Google search results.

In light of this, I created a content plan with a range of topics and articles that were strategically selected to target hyper-relevant groups of keywords that would aid in increasing visibility and thus organic traffic.

After four months of implementation and publishing of the first piece of content, organic traffic skyrocketed by 60% and the number of organic keywords almost doubled.


Website #1

website #2

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