Every serious blogger and content creator knows the feeling of working hard day and night in order to come up with valuable new content for his audience.

Writing a successful article takes a lot of time. You have to make the proper research, gather your resources, plan the article, write it, work on format and then publish it.

We all have experienced it: after we publish our new article, there are no clicks, no views, nothing!

It’s half heartening to see that the article we spend so much time to research and write has no appeal to our audience.

Well to be honest, you can’t just publish a post and simply wait for it to become viral.

You have to work just as hard promoting your articles as you have writing them; many times twice as much!

You have to engage your audience by effectively promoting your article through all the available communication channels.

Sure, SEO and organic search might yield a few views and clicks (depending on your blog’s ranking) but you can’t rely only on organic traffic – especially if you are a new blogger.

Promoting your content should be priority number #1 after you hit the Publish button.

I have compiled a list with 5 underrated ways to promote your blog posts which are completely free and you can implement them right away in your marketing strategy.

1# Google+ Communities

Maybe Google+ hasn’t proven to be the most successful social media platform yet you can drive a lot of targeted traffic to your blog post through google plus’ communities.

Go to your google plus profile and from the left dropdown menu select “Communities”



While in the communities menu, look to the top right corner and you’ll see a search field. Type the category of your article. For example: “Blogging”, “SEO”, “Marketing”, etc.

communities 2


Let’s assume you want to promote a blog article regarding “blogging”. After your search for the term you get the results like this:


communities 3


Join all the communities that are related to your niche. Note: the more members and posts they have the more active they are, which means that promoting your article to those communities, more people will see and you will drive more traffic to your post.

Now post your article and make sure to write a short descriptive intro to hook the audience and make them click through to your post to read the full content:


communities 4


Note: make sure to keep checking your posts in order to reply to comments and questions; always stay connected with your audience and be there for them.

PS.: Don’t forget relevant hashtags!

communities 5


#2 Linkedin Groups

Linkedin is another platform that can drive a lot of quality targeted traffic to your posts. Groups are community controlled forums, where you can discuss and find high quality resources. It’s also an amazing tool to promote your content.

From your Linkedin homepage, go to “Interests” and select “Groups”.

groups 1


Search for groups relevant to your niche.

Make sure that the groups have tens of thousands of users and as many discussions as possible. This means that the group is active and your post will be visible to thousands of users.

groups 2

Exactly like Google Plus, post your article with a short descriptive info to give the users a taste of what’s in your post. Always respond to comments and communicate with your audience.

groups 3


#3 Reddit

Reddit could be a chapter of its own but we’ll have to incorporate it in this post. Reddit is an amazing community based platform with 150 million pageviews. It’s a unique forum, where you can discuss any kind of issues in the proper subreddit.

The first step is to search for a subreddit relevant to your blog post.

groups 4


Check the results to find subreddits with many thousands of users:

groups 5


Subscribe to the preferred subreddits and submit your link. Keep in mind that reddit is a hardcore old school community based forum, that reacts very aggressively to spam and self promotional content when it’s posted in the wrong way.

Redditors are smart and they smell spam a mile away.

This is their quote which summarizes what’s it to be a member of Reddit:

 “It’s perfectly fine to be a redditor with a website, it’s not okay to be a website with a reddit account.” – Confucius 

So as you see, you can’t just subscribe to several different subreddits and spam your content. You have to contribute to the Reddit community. You should participate in discussions and add value to the reddit community.

As you do that, your karma grows and you gain authority. The more authority you earn, the more clicks and views your posts will be rewarded.


#4 StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is one of the oldest and most popular social bookmarking platforms. By sharing your content on StumbleUpon you can drive a high amount of traffic to your blog in a short period of time.

Go to StumbleUpon homepage, click on your profile image and select “add a Page”

stumbleupon 1


Then enter the necessary details and don’t forget relevant hashtags:

stumbleupon 2


#5 Scoop.it

Scoop.it is a content curating platform which displays articles in a magazine style format similar to paper.li and flipboard. Scoop.it has the power to drive lots of valuable traffic to your blog posts.

Before sharing your post, you have to search for relevant categories by clicking the hamburger icon next to the search bar:

scoopit 1


Choose your preferred category and then select “Recommended Topics”:

scoopit 2


Look for topics with many thousands of views. This one for example has 233,000 views. Make sure to follow the most influential users with a large twitter following. You want them to subsequently share their scoops to their twitter accounts thus driving even more traffic to your post.

The next step, after you follow the users with the largest followebase, is to suggest your link:

scoop 3



#6 Forums (Bonus)

I know I said “5 Ways” but hey, more is better right?

So, forums have been and will always be an invaluable source of traffic.

To find forums within your niche, just head over to google and search for: “your niche forums”

Register on the first five google results and share your content in relevant threads.

Always make sure to read the terms and conditions of every forum and stay within the guidelines regarding promoting your content.

Don’t spam and don’t break the rules.

By doing that you may be banned and lose a great connection.

You should always aim for long term and lasting connections. Trying to just “grab” a lot of traffic and run away won’t work and will get you penalized as well as make you look unprofessional to the trained user.

Hint: always have a link to your latest post in your signature. Make sure to participate in as many discussions as possible and try to answer questions and provide valuable tips. People will start taking notice of you and start clicking on your signature to read your articles.


Follow these 5 (6) methods which are absolutely free and you will see your traffic increasing.

You have to be consistent with every blog post you publish and follow the same strategy again and again.

Keep in mind to always measure the results.

Maybe a platform is not suitable to your content and you should invest more time in another.

You have to find out for yourself. Nothing beats trial and error until you find what’s the best for your blog posts.

I hope I have given you some new ideas to incorporate to your marketing strategy.

Feel free to comment and suggest your methods of promoting content; what works for you?

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