You move across the room, your eyes meet an intriguing person and with no time to react you are mesmerized by that person, feel an urge to meet, get to know each other and win him or her. You want to do everything in your power and do that and do it right.

You can’t argue that a job interview is not like a first date. Both share exactly the same DNA from the moment you feel that little tinkle inside you until you get the job. The method, the stages, the strategy it’s all the same.

The Hunt.

The journey begins when you are trying to find a suitable job opening much like trying to find a seemingly matching pair in the dating world. Like a date, a job opening ad gives you some insight regarding the job qualifications, what you need in order to be a suitable candidate for the job. It’s the same in the dating world. You check the other person out and try to find similarities and aspects you like and and think that suit your personality and character.

The Callback.

Like a date you are anxious in a good way. You are excited that you have a shot at your dream job and even though you are afraid it might go south, you can’t wait to meet the interviewer.

Dress Code

When you are going on a first date, you spend countless hours in front of a mirror trying on all your clothes trying to find what would be the best choice; confess you have done it, we all have done it. Not much changes when it comes to an interview. You need to find the most classy, elegant and sharp looking suit or dress for the occasion but you also have to be yourself, feel yourself and feel comfortable in the clothes you are wearing. You shouldn’t dress as something you are not yet you can’t wear your sweats to a date or to an interview.

Prep Yourself

So you are about to have an interview with the company you want to work for. Do your math, prep yourself. Gather as much info as you can. Research the role and the position you are asked to fill in. Read the position requirements over and over again and make some bullet points for each one so that you are ready to answer and try mention them and incorporate them all in your speech. Get to know the company’s culture, what it stands for, check their social media profiles (as you would do before a date with the person you like) check their activity and preferences, note everything mentally down and identify the values and likes you.

The Interview / Date

So the big day is here you are most excited you are finally going on that interview / date. Go in with a smile, smiles are winners. People radiate positive energy when smiling, seem warm, inviting and confident. Confidence is the key. There is no doubt, you have heard it by many women, that confidence is sexy, confidence is power and confidence is all you need to win them over. The same applies in the job interview world. Be confident, smile a lot, and look sure for what you say and what you do. Body language is the next big issue. Make strong, sure, reassuring movements. Don’t sit in a negative or defensive position. The interviewer /date will take it as a bad sign. Don’t close your arms, look firm and confident at the person sitting in front of you, avoid nervous moves and reactions, try to be yourself and relax.

Just like a date, in the interview you are going to talk about your work past. Don’t talk negative about your former employer even if you had a bad experience and it was their fault. Underline what you learnt from your previous job and how you evolved in a better person, a better professional in your field. Same goes in a date. You shouldn’t badmouth your ex no matter what has happened between you two in the past, keep it in a neutral level and make clear that you don’t have any feelings for him or her. You have moved on and you are ready for a new meaningful relationship (work or otherwise).

Sell Yourself

Ok, for me it all comes down to this – how you sell yourself. It is of the utmost importance to present yourself in such a way that the interviewer will be thrilled to have you in their team. You shouldn’t oversell yourself and be “too much-ish” (yes I wrote too much-ish); but don’t sell yourself short either. Demonstrate your skills, speak of your accomplishments and hard evidence results you brought to your last job. Show them that you can take what they give you and you can turn it into value for them. Each company may value a different aspect. Assuming you have done your homework, you’ll be aware of what to say.

Make your Weaknesses Adorable

You can’t be perfect, no one is. Plus, you don’t have to be perfect and they know it, they don’t expect you to be. Your job is to turn your weaknesses into strengths and you have to do that in a subtle way. The interviewer may ask you, what’s your biggest weakness / difficulty you face in the workplace etc. Point out your drawbacks but present them in a way that they seem to be beneficial in the end. For example you can underline that you pay too much attention to detail and you can’t leave a task unfinished until it’s perfect; That takes some more time but the results are better. Acknowledging and admitting your weaknesses is a sign of maturity and self-knowledge. Both these aspects are valued in the workplace as well as in the dating world.

Be Passionate

Like in a date, passion and interest play a huge role. If you don’t look passionate or interested in the other person, you’ll soon lose the game. Same applies in the job hunt. You have to show the interviewer that you are serious and determined, you are passionate with what you do. Passion is a moving force, passion is the best motive to succeed in the professional world. They know it and they value it like gold. Passion for your job is more important than extra lines in your resume. Show them that you are passionate and you will definitely earn a callback.

Be True to Who You Are

You have done your research, you know what the company is about, find common ground and build on that. Don’t pretend to be something you are not. There is no point really. Even if it doesn’t fail right then and there, it will fail soon in the long run. Speak of your character, interests and likes that are similar and harmonized to those of the company’s. Likewise there’s nothing worse than pretending to be someone you are not in a date. If you are a down to earth simple guy who enjoys a walk and a beer, be that. Don’t project a false image of yourself. Find common ground with the other person, same interests and stick with them.

So, the interview is over and if you have followed all this, then a callback is on the way. Same applies for a date. Don’t forget that since the other person said yes to go out with you, then your job is half done. It’s the same about the interview: they evaluated your resume and skills and they called you. In paper you are a suitable candidate, the rest is up to you to make them like you, make them want you.

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